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A merger between KGHM Metraco and KGHM Ecoren has already occurred

According to previous announcements on 31 January 2014 there was a merger between KGHM Metraco S. A. and KGHM Ecoren S. A. The merger took place by transferring all assets of KGHM Ecoren S.A. (the Acquired Company) to KGHM Metraco S.A. (the Acquiring Company) pursuant to art. 506 and 492 § 1 item 1 of the Polish Commercial Companies Code.

KGHM Metraco continues all business activities it pursued before the merger. KGHM Metraco S. A., seated in Legnica, is a significant domestic supplier of salt for winter road maintenance and Poland’s biggest scrap copper buyer. It is also the owner of Europe’s most modern Sulphuric Acid Terminal, launched at the Szczecin harbour. Metraco has expended its offer by adding products and services provided by four divisions hitherto functioning within the structure of Ecoren. The new products include: road aggregates, granulated slag, ammonium perrhenate and metallic rhenium, silver recovered from furnace lining and materials derived from electronic and electric equipment processing.

KGHM Metraco holds shares and stocks in companies which used to be a part of KGHM Ecoren Capital Group before merger, that is: Centrozłom Wrocław S.A., Walcowna Metali Nieżelaznych „ŁABĘDY” S.A. [Łabędy Rolling Mill and Non Ferrous Metals Rolling Mill] in Gliwice and Warszawska Fabryka Platerów HEFRA S.A. [Warsaw Silver Ware Factory Hefra S.A]

The Management Board of KGHM Metraco consists of two persons: Marek Kacprowicz – President of the Management Board and Dariusz Petrykowski – Deputy President of the Management Board. The head office of the company is located in the office building of Letia Business Center at Rycerska 24, 59-220 Legnica.

Updated contact details:

KGHM Metraco S.A.

ul. Św. M. Kolbe 9, 59-220 Legnica

Mailing addres:

ul. Rycerska 24, 59-220 Legnica

Tax Identification Number [NIP]: 692-000-11-94