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40% hydrazine hydrate

40% hydrazine hydrate is a diamide, a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen in the form of a colourless, toxic substance whose smell resembles that of ammonia.

The product is applied for improving the quality of sulphuric acid by removing nitrogen oxides, which downgrade its quality. It is used in laboratories as a reducing agent. Mixed with concentrated hydrogen peroxide, it can be used as rocket fuel. It is most often applied for manufacture of chemicals for agriculture and explosives as well as a component of photographic developers, a corrosion inhibitor and in production of footwear and inflatable car cushions.

Chemical properties:

    • density at the temperature of 15°C 1.017: 1.019
    • boiling temperature at 1013 mbr 106: 108°C
    • freezing temperature: less than – 30°C
    • ph in 1% solution: 10.5

Safety class:

    • UN number – 2030
    • class: 8
    • safety label: 8 + 6.1
    • packaging, group – II

Transport and packaging: in bulk in the supplier’s railway and lorry cistern.