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Copper Wire Rod

Metraco S.A. offers copper wire rod of 8mm ± 0,4 mm diameter produced by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A. / “Cedynia” Copper Smelter Division by means of continuous melting, casting and rolling.

The wire rod’s surface is purified with use of the alcohol method and covered with synthetic wax, which prevents its surface from oxidizing when transported and stored.

The wire rod has a fine-grained structure, where oxygen is uniformly arranged. The oxygen content is low enough to ensure good ductility and low recrystallization temperature.

“Cedynia” smelter has a quality certificate compliant with PN-EN ISO 9001:2009, PN-EN ISO 14001:2005, PN-EN 18001:2004, issued by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification, which pertains to, among others, manufacture of copper wire rod.

Product Wire Rod Cu-ETP-8-CL
Standard PN-EN 1977, ASTM-B 49, DIN-1708
Material used in production Cathodes class: Cu-CATH-1; brands: HML, HMG-B, HMG-S
Impurities Max. 30 ppm O2 = 170-190 ppm (max. 400 ppm)
Physical properties Electric conductivity at °C: min. 58,58 MS/m (101% IACS)
Spiral elongation (EN 12893): 450 ± 10 mmElongation (200 mm): 44% ± 2%Tensile strength (200 mm): 220 MPa ± 5 MPa
Annealing capability A200 min. 20%
Packaging Wire rod is delivered in jumbo coils of approx. 4.75 mt weight, in one piece.
The coils are transported on wooden pallets and secured to pallets with steel straps.
Each coil is covered with plastic foil for protection against adverse conditions.
Pallet dimensions: 1750 x 1750 x 150 mm
Coil inside diameter: 1130 mm
Coil outside diameter: 1800 mm