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Oxygen-Free Copper Rod

KGHM Metraco S.A offers oxygen-free copper rod produced by means of UPCAST technology by KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.’s “Cedynia” Copper Smelter Division located in Orsk. The installation was launched in 2006, thus increasing the smelter’s production capacity by 15 thousand tons per year.

UPCAST technology makes it possible to produce wire rod of various diameter (8-12,7-16-20-22-24-25 mm) as well as low-alloyed copper wire rod with silver addition. The installation includes a cathode loading system, induction pool furnace, induction casting furnace, casting machine with crystallizers as well as primary and secondary coolers for vertical upward casting and 16 coiling machines.

Product Wire rod Cu-OFE-8-CL, Cu-OFE-12,7, Cu-OFE-16,
Standard PN-EN 1977, ASTM B49, DIN-1708
Dimensions and tolerances 8mm±0,4; 12,7mm±0,4; 16mm±0,4; 20mm±0,6; 22mm±0,6; 24mm±0,6; 25mm±0,8
Material used in production Cathodes type: Cu-CATH-1; marki: HML, HMG-B, HMG-S
Impurities Max. 25 ppm, O2 = max. 3 ppm
Physical properties Electric conductivity at 20°C: min. 58.87 MS/m (101.5% IACS)
Resistance to hydrogen embrittlement: Cu-OFE-8 – min. 10 overbends in the flexion test,
Cu-OFE-12,7 – without cracks in a single bending test
Scale adhesion: ensured
Density: 8.92 kg/dm3
Elongation (200 mm): 38%
Tensile strength (200 mm): 180 ± 10 N/mm2
Packaging Oxygen-free copper wire rod is delivered in coils of up to 4.0 mt weight, in one piece.
Each coil is covered with stretch type plastic foil for protection against adverse conditions.
Pallet dimensions: 1750 x 1750 x 150 mm
Coil inside diameter: 900 mm. Coil outside diameter: 1800 mm