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Metraco taking the lead among Lower Silesian businesses

Classified 4th in "The Lower Silesian Leaders" ranking and 56th in the Poland-wide "List of 500" held by the "Polityka" weekly, Metraco is climbing up in the rankings year by year.

“The Lower Silesian Leaders” financial report published by the “Gazeta Finansowa” is a ranking developed based on receipts from sale generated by companies in 2012. The list, where the leadership has been taken by KGHM Polska Miedź, included a total of 61 enterprises hailing from a variety of sectors. Lower Silesia itself, due to the pace of its progress, was referred to by the experts as “the engine of the Polish economy”.


Likewise, the country-wide “List of 500″ was made based on the enterprises’ volume of sales. The bi-weekly’s ranking has been published for two decades. Last year Metraco ranked 81st, which means that over the period of one year the company has gone up by as many as 23 places.

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