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The Company’s Branches

Scrap metal trading base

The branch is Located in Szklary Górne (Lower Silesia province); its main area of operation entails the following: recycling scrap copper, purchase of steel for the needs of HM Głogów’s lead production unit, trading scrap lead on the domestic and foreign market as well as recycling waste produced in KGHM branches (steel and iron, aluminium and its alloys, lead, waste paper and cardboard, plastics, wood, glass and scrap cables).

Salt warehouse

The branch’s operation is oriented towards sales of rock-salt produced at the “Polkowice-Sieroszowice” Mining Facility. The warehouse, which was a development project undertaken by the company together with the “Polkowice-Sieroszowice” Mining Facility, has a storage capacity of 70 thousand tons. Thanks to the investment, the company is capable of selling higher volumes of rock-salt in the winter season.

Sulphuric acid transshipment terminal

The branch, located at the Szczecin Harbour; became operational in May 2012. The terminal makes it possible to efficiently export sulphuric acid produced at Głogów’s and Legnica’s facilities. It is Europe’s most modern and Poland’s only facility of its kind.