Comprehensive and efficient service delivered to KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.
The Policy of Quality and Environmental Protection

In accordance with its policy of environmental protection, KGHM Metraco is executing the following goals with a view to maintaining and developing the quality of its services:

1. Ensuring a high quality of the services delivered – maximizing the client’s satisfaction at each stage of a service’s performance, in mind with legal requirements, most notably within the area of environmental protection, which entails the following issues

  • Timely and complete performance of trade contracts
  • Strengthening clients’ confidence
  • Providing clients with professional assistance pertaining to our products and services
  • Comprehensive client service through delivery of the order and transport as well as insurance of goods
  • Flexible financial settlement options
  • Decreasing the number of claims through ongoing analysis
  • Identification of environmental considerations and the resulting threats to the natural environment
  • Possession of necessary formal decisions and environmental permits
  • Preventing environmental disasters and their possible consequences


2. Attracting new clients and development of the exisiting operations.

In order to attain the goal, KGHM Metraco S.A. first and foremost undertakes the following actions:

  • Encouraging all employees to contribute to quality improvement at each organizational echelon,
  • Employees’ participation in training sessions perfecting their competences
  • Development of documentation for quality and environmental requirements
  • Application of modern technical solutions
  • Continual modernization of selling methods
  • Familiarity with the supplier market and appropriate selection of suppliers in mind with environmental protection requirements
  • Cherishing the company’s prestige and taking good care of its image
  • Undertaking new tasks stemming from clients’ needs and the changing market.