Ammonium Perrhenate and metallic Rhenium

KGHM Metraco produces Ammonium Perrhenate and Metallic Rhenium. We use industrial wastes with acid reaction coming from the production process carried out in Legnica and Głogów Copper Smelting Plant. The product of technological process is crystal ammonium perrhenate with 69.4 % content of rhenium and catalytic quality. The process is carried out in an advanced full-scale plant which complies with the latest technological standards. Metallic Rhenium Plant has been operating since April 2010 as part of the Branch. The Plant, located within the Legnica Copper Smelter, produces metallic rhenium in pellets containing 99.95 % of pure rhenium.

Contact Hydrometallurgical Plant in Głogów 67-200 Głogów ul. Żukowicka 1 Manager ph. +48 76 747 70 40 Hydrometallurgical Plant in Legnica 59-220 Legnica ul. Złotoryjska 188-190 ph. +48 76 722 22 83